Top 3 Benefits Of Smart Locks

In recent years our homes have gained various elements of Smart Technology, allowing us to make everyday life more convenient and efficient, so why not upgrade your locks too?

These systems are often overlooked, but the list of benefits goes far beyond what you might expect. Keep reading to discover the ways installing a smart lock in your home can simplify your life using our trusted services in the Llanelli and Swansea area.

What Are Smart Locks?

Smart Lock systems are designed to replace your current lock or cylinder and introduce a much more efficient experience through keyless entry. This can be utilized by unlocking through your smartphone, or a customisable entry code on a keypad.

Alerts are sent to your smartphone and in conjunction with a video doorbell, you can monitor who is trying to gain access from anywhere. This technology removes the concerns of lost or stolen keys and with set periods where pin codes allow access, you don’t need to worry about unexpected visitors.

1) No More Hiding Keys

Most of us are guilty of hiding a key in our homes, whether it’s under a doormat or in a plant pot, you can eliminate this risky practice by introducing a smart lock and allowing remote access to your home.

Set pin codes can have timed access, and will only work during set hours or days so you don’t need to worry about anyone meddling in your home when they shouldn’t be! You can easily add and remove codes via the list on your phone application so you’re always in control of who can access your property.

This is fantastic for all ages, whether it’s the kids coming home from school or an elderly family member who needs to allow access to carers in their home- you don’t need to worry about hiding or losing keys.

Having a key hidden can be great in an emergency, but when you have a smart lock system installed then you can allow access to those who need it, without the possibility of letting in a thief.

2) Smart Home Intergration

With an estimated 2.22 million smart homes in the UK, introducing a smart lock can be an obvious choice to simplify your daily life. Integrating your smart lock with a video doorbell allows you to see who is at your door from anywhere, and allow access to those who need it.

Many smart locks connect to other devices such as Alexa or Google Hubs via a WiFi connection, so you’ll never miss a delivery again. If you have smart technology thermostats and light bulbs you can even set up recognised routines to create the atmosphere you need before or after a busy day.

If you own a holiday let or Airbnb then you can ensure your property is safe and secure remotely, and remove the stress of having keys returned. In conjunction with video doorbell integration, you can make sure clients have checked out without having to be present.

3) Easy Installation

Smart locks are quickly gaining popularity, and the technology can be introduced to the majority of homes, including UPVC and composite doors. In some cases, adaptions can be made to allow your smart lock to fit and we will always ensure your system is securely installed for maximum safety in your home.

This is why we always recommend you use a professional locksmith to install any new locks or smart lock systems in your home. Your home security isn’t something to compromise on, so call us today for more information on how quickly we can introduce smart lock technology for you today.

Your Local Smart Lock Installer

Smart locks are the next big step in smart home installation with new technology constantly being released, so make sure you contact a locksmith you can trust to install your Smart Lock.

Here at All Things Locks your home security is our priority, so contact Phil today to see how we can help you get the most from smart lock installation for your home in Llanelli and Swansea.

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