Top 5 Tips To Improve Home Security

With Christmas fast approaching, there really isn’t any better time to look into improving your home security for peace of mind and protection in your family home, business, or even just the garden shed. A lack of security throughout your home can be a welcome sign to criminals, and this goes far beyond leaving a window open. 

But worry not, our reliable locksmithing services in Llanelli and Swansea are here to help. Not only are we there in an emergency, but we can also help improve your home security through lock changes, window repairs, and more. Keep reading for our top five tips to improve your home security and see how we can help you feel even safer.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys

Unfortunately, you never know who could be watching you and this means no matter how well you hide your spare key under the mat, flower pot, or even in a bush- if the wrong person catches you then this is a written invitation to thieves. 

Most of us leave so many valuable items by our front doors from car keys to important letters with vital information and personal information, so maybe consider leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbour or nearby family instead where possible.

You could even contact your insurance company to see if they recommend any Key Safe boxes where you can securely store keys under a lock and combination code. 

Although keyless entry is becoming more popular in modern vehicles, this also introduces the possibility of signal interference causing thieves to gain access to your vehicle in as little as two minutes. Consider using a signal-blocking pouch to protect your keys, especially at night time so you don’t have to miss out on the latest technology.

Think About Your Windows

We all lock our doors when leaving the house, but what about your windows? Leaving windows open or on the latch makes it much easier to gain entry to your home, especially during the warmer summer months when you’re trying to get fresh air in.

If your windows are difficult to open, or maybe you struggle to lock them properly then this could indicate several issues, but we can help with a free no-obligation quote for any repairs in Swansea, Llanelli and the surrounding areas.

Think Twice Online

We all love to see what our friends and family are doing through social media, but releasing personal information online can put you at a higher risk of theft. Showing off your brand new PS5 or even posting about your holiday can be enough for a potential burglar to know where you are and what valuable items can be found in your home.

Change Your Locks

When was the last time you had your locks changed? So many of us don’t consider this major safety aspect when moving into a new home, office, or warehouse and who knows what previous tenants may have a key for your property. 

Many insurance policies require locks of a certain standard to deter thieves and reduce the chances of burglary, so check to see if your insurance policies have any conditions that could invalidate your claim.

For the best lock-changing services and advice then look no further as we offer commercial lock changes as well as Locksmithing services for Landlords in Llanelli accommodating all needs with fully insured, DBS-checked, 24/7 services and competitive prices.

Smart Motion Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a fantastic deterrent to thieves wanting to hide in the shadows, and with sensor lighting, it couldn’t be easier. Purchasing outdoor lighting that surrounds all areas of your property will keep intruders away and ruin any chances of a discreet break-in. 

If you want 24/7 emergency locksmith services in Llanelli for professional service then contact us here at All Things Locks to make sure your home is safe and protected with our free and friendly no-obligation quotes.

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