One of the many services offered by All Things Locks is the repair and maintenance of UPVC Doors and windows.

The installation of UPVC Doors and Windows is an expensive financial cost so you want to make sure you get your monies worth from your investment for many years to come.

Looking after your windows and doors will help you to get most out of them but like most things, they do need regular maintenance and servicing. This can be as simple as cleaning and removal of debris that builds up in those little areas generally at the bottom of door and windows.

When doors and windows fail to operate as designed it’s usually for several reasons.

  1. General wear and tear especially in buildings that are constantly used by a lot of people.
  2. Little or no maintenance.
  3. Incorrect use or abuse (usually by young children, a lot of door slamming!!)
  4. Accidental damage (broken windows etc)
  5. Preventable damage (A common one is French Patio doors being thrown open when the wind catches them leading to damage hinges and door alignment problems.) This can include where a window or door shows sign of a problem and brute force is applied creating more damage.
  6. ‘Have a go hero’s, the local handy man or the uncle whose saying they can fix it which ends up ten times worse and costs a lot more than if you’d have called someone who does it for a living.

In the majority of cases the problem can be repaired which is always the cheapest option.

A few examples are:

Windows that are broken, have condensation or water on the inside can be replaced. The modern double glazed sealed units are much better than what was on the market even 10 years ago.

Windows that are difficult to open and close or won’t open or close at all can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new window. New matching handles can improve the look of windows that need a facelift.

Doors that are difficult to close or have trouble locking because the handle is difficult to lift could be a number of different issues from alignment, to hinges to a failing mechanism but all repairable.

If your door is looking a bit tired or you just want a change of look you could replace the door furniture? New handles, new letter box, new door knocker.

The security of your property is always a priority. A higher security standard can be achieved on all your windows and doors by upgrading the locks and handles as well as fitting additional aftermarket locks.

All Things Locks offer can quote for any repairs or advise you on how to improve the security of your home or business for free. There’s no VAT and no call out charges with no obligation quotes.

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